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A Fountain of Violence They Won't Admit To

 Over the past couple weeks the air waves have been completely covered by the recent shootings of police officers and the reporters in Roanoke, VA., and once again things are being shaped to divert attention away from one simple thing that has changed in the past 30 years. You will hear anything from "we need stricter gun laws," to "we need more mental health assistance for these individuals," to one of the parents saying that "if necessary he'll become the John Walsh of gun control." However, you will not hear a single reporter, interviewee or news anchor say..."PULL THIS NUT JOB'S PAST & PRESENT PRESCRIPTION HISTORY!" That's the diagnosis they should look at plain and simple, but they don't want to look at the fountain from which spews their never ending news stories and their advertiser's revenue sources do they? They have their willing partner, (the Federal government) that is a willing partner since enhanced gun laws help fulfill a dictatorial agenda.
For just once I would like to hear the powers that be address what is causing all these intense bouts of mental illness. I would like to hear them admit, they are trying to tighten gun control because of the mistakes they made in broad spread, uncontrolled, S.S.R.I. usage and that they simply want to clear the path for Big Pharma and their political cronies to be able to continue to make the same profitable mistakes on a trusting populace. 
 If we do not take a serious look at what brain drugs are doing to our future mental health, we are going to continue having horrific things happen as has happened in Aurora, Colorado (James Holmes), Charleston, South Carolina (Dylann Roof), and Roanoke, Virginia (Bryce Williams). I see this struggle as being directly at the top between drug companies, and the NRA. Drug companies and their policy cronies want to create a safe path for the drugs they create and the NRA wants to keep the road paved for the ones they represent. My belief is neither one actually represents you and I.
I am not a psychologist but a lot of my life has been spent studying health, fitness, and chronic disease prevention as well as cause and effect. And one thing that you should go after like a laser is the cause, not the effect. When a person in a trusted position of authority uses a top down approach (by addressing effects and not causes) they are either uneducated or have an agenda. 
If we don't acknowledge and change the things we are doing that are wrongfully shaping our children's future and make the changes we need to now, this problem is going to grow like a cancer lump being fed a steady stream of pure sugar.
 If a person gets on these S.S.R.I. drugs to help them suppress emotions, what happens if the conscious is suppressed?...its an emotion as well. It may feel good to a person to "just not care," but how does it effect the ones that have to deal with this person? What happens if they suddenly get off the drug and their brain is as one on fire? When we have a massive amount of people on these drugs and an industry that is constantly pressing for even more expanded usage, what we will have left is a conscious suppressed generation of drug induced sociopaths that are like potential time bombs.
We have a conscious mind that is supposed to bother us, depress us and guide us to help us to make things better for ourselves and the ones we care about, so should we be throwing pills down our throat that tell our brains to chemically alter itself so as to not care or to feel differently about these things?
Example: the Paxil Defense has been established in court, and has been used successfully as a defense in crimes due to lack of self control when the crime occurred. This has also been used for other S.S.R.I.'s including Wellbutrin and Zoloft. Please checkout the S.AV.E. Project www.thesaveproject.com, to see the common link (many violent offenders have with each other) that the media is not talking about.
These drugs have very addictive effects as well, if you do not believe it, watch how someone's behavior changes that suddenly quits. The medical industry however does not use addiction as a terminology for this, they call it "discontinuation syndrome."
This is our's and our children's future and if we let the pharmaceutical industry grow the use of these drugs in our life and that of our children we will be sitting on a ticking time bomb of tragedies like this.
 Roanoke, VA is where my dad, brother and I were hospitalized after our plane crash in Virginia, so this latest tragedy struck home a little harder. And I really, really hope the tragedy that hit Roanoke will not be dishonored by using it to further agendas (that are fed strictly by effects) and do nothing to address the actual causes.  

Whether an ax, sword, hammer, vehicle  or gun is used in a violent act on oneself or someone else, this violence has a source and the demonization of the object is about as ignorant as a person that is upset from continually having to mop up water on a floor, when they themselves refuse to acknowledge and turn off the faucet...But then there happens to be no profit in slowing down the distribution of S.S.R.I. drugs is there?  

 What would happen if only psychiatrists would be allowed to distribute these drugs? My guess is there would be an unacceptable amount of drug dealers for an industry that is responsible for the "real" drug problem in America...

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