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American Heart Month

American Heart Month

Our heart pumps around 20 quarts of blood per minute (at rest) and will pump a total of around 1.5 million gallons of blood (into a network of approximately 50,000 miles of blood vessels) every year for us! This little fist size pump is an amazing source of life for the rest of our body, and without its continued supply of oxygenated, nutrient carrying blood, our state of affairs will deteriorate fast! 
February is American Heart Month and is used to increase our awareness of cardiovascular disease and what we can do to prevent not only death and slowed performance from heart related complications, but to help us increase cardiovascular performance!
If we expect our heart to perform well and feel good, we have to consistently guard it against unhealthy conditions or we will gradually experience a decline in performance, and eventually the chest pressure and the heart pains will begin and if not remedied, may lead to a heart attack, possibly causing permanent damage to parts of the heart or worse, death to the entire body.
Cardiovascular diseases kill way more people then any other illness that effects mankind, (it's the number one killer of Americans from all causes of death) and in addition tens of millions are significantly disabled by heart disease. Now that our government is the major medical care provider, cardiovascular diseases are costing American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars every year, so in that way even the healthy have to pay for other's bad habits that potentially lead to heart disease. 
When we're not careful about the choices we make daily and the habits we form, a toxic environment will begin to grow in and around the heart" causing the heart to not only begin to feel bad, but to also begin pumping toxins throughout the body until the whole body becomes sick. It may be a gradual process, but if we can go back in time and try to remember how things were when our heart was feeling good, strong and protected, we may be able to pick up on some good habits that got dropped along the way that will cause our heart to respond in a positive way. 
Exercise, good deep rest and recovery, along with good heart healthy foods, time away from life's stresses for fun, relaxation and stress relief are great things that can show our heart that we care about everything it does for us and that we don't take it for granted! We may be able to take short cuts on these healthy habits for awhile, and sometimes it can take years before we realize the beginnings of heart disease, or even worse a heart attack where we either lose our life or at the least life as we once knew it. 
Our heart knows if we are doing things that only mask symptoms, so as to temporarily suppress reactions to mistreatment and negligence. If we don't get rid of these habits that started the problems in the first place, such as inactivity, bad diet, smoking, staying overstressed, using drinks that dehydrate instead of water to hydrate, and staying at a proper weight so as to not overburden our heart, it is comparable to giving a gift that appeals to the emotions of someone you care about on the 14th of February without following it up for the rest of the year with the things that helped make the relationship great in the first place! 
It's probably no coincidence that the use of medicine has exploded in lockstep with packaged and processed food as has selfishness, divorce and stress with the explosion of heart disease over the past 30 years...
The basic, simple and wholesome things (such as clean air, clean water, healthy foods, exercise and deep rest), is what our heart responds to much more then the things that come in a box, bottle or a vial! 

What we can do: at least 3-5 hours of medium to intense activity a week and try to break a sweat it helps your body get rid of toxins trapped inside! Get deep sleep, this is when our body recovers and gets back on top of things. Find a way to resolve the issues that are causing stress and get it out of your life and don't let it back in, "btw the same hormone that stress produces also causes belly fat!" 

Diet: keep a regular water intake and keep heart healthy foods around so as to change habits without trying so hard. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs and other quality dairy products, fish, berries, healthy oils for the healthy fats along with beans and other foods rich in soluble fiber, these have cholesterol lowering benefits that statin drugs try to mimic.
When we do the above with consistency, it helps build the blood with good nutrients to build not only a strong heart, but a healthy environment around the heart and lungs so they can continue to deliver life sustaining oxygen and nutrients to the rest of our body!
 I hope God blesses you and the ones you care about with a strong heart and clean cardiovascular systems!


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