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Are You At Risk For Breast Cancer?

Of course you are, if you have breast tissue (that is made up of glands, lobes, lobules, lymph vessels, lymph nodes etc) then you are predisposed to cells potentially getting misshaped and then multiplying if not stopped. It's really nothing to get overly concerned about, since our body is constantly fixing things that are getting out of whack without us even knowing it. Each area of our body comes with its own system of cleansing, detoxification and repair mechanisms, so we should be looking for ways to strengthen that instead of constantly checking these areas to see if something is wrong with them. 
Pre-cancer cells are a lot like someone being predisposed to potentially having a wreck because of being on the highway, but we're not going to spend a lot of time worrying about it or not driving our vehicle because of it are we? A wreck can be because of us not driving our vehicle carefully or it can be because of things out of our own control such as another driver, weather, etc. Either way, highway statistics should primarily encourage us to drive our vehicles safely, and to make sure we use standard preventive measures (that help our vehicle operate better) such as proper maintenance of breaks, tires, etc. We should not be constantly subjecting our vehicles to checkups by mechanics, especially ones that we do not personally know or we just may have a mechanic created vehicle problem. 
We should not let ourselves be victimized by fear mongering when a doctor or oncologist tells us that we have pre-cancer cells, "this is much like saying that due to the conditions of the highway you're traveling on your vehicle is pre-wreck." When you know the conditions on a highway are hazardous, you will try to take a different route and drive proactively and defensively to decrease your chances of having a wreck, right? Shouldn't our first priority be to change out any negative lifestyle habits for positive ones for our body as well? When we do this, our body can oft times create the right drugs and physiological processes itself to shrink and annihilate cancer.
The month of October is breast cancer awareness month and is one of the biggest months of free advertising for the cancer industry, because of the fear and stress it creates. It probably causes more people to get unnecessary breast exams, mammograms and biopsies then any other time of the year. The ironic thing is mammography testing uses radiation and radiation damages DNA and damaged DNA is where most cancer begins.
"If you already have a cancer, in addition to being painful, the crushing compression the breast undergoes during a mammogram can cause the cancer to spread. Doctors are taught that once a lump is found, you don't press it, not even during an examination because you will cause the cancer cells to spread. With mammograms, you won't know if there is a breast cancer until after you've read the scan, you've already compressed the breast, and perhaps broken the cancerous capsule, which will cause the cancer to spread." ~ Dr. Russell Blaylock, Neurosurgeon and founder of the Blaylock Reports
If we would spend more time trying to figure out how to make our body parts feel good and healthy instead of trying to find out what might be wrong with them with diagnostics, prodding, biopsies and then the ensuing cancer treatments (that have been proven to cause other forms of cancer themselves later down the road), we would probably have much less new cancer cases, and an improvement in other aspects of health as well.
The cancer industry knows what causes cancer, and probably knows a lot about the dietary and lifestyle habits that will shrink and kill cancer, "but the problem lies in that they cannot put a patent on nature or healthy lifestyle habits." One thing you can rest assured of is that for the ones at the top of most of these fund raisers and activities, it's not about finding a cure for cancer but much rather a way to find a breakthrough medication to manage it over the newly attained customer's lifetime. And yes, they do raise awareness, but isn't that how a business gains new customers? And yes, a large portion of these fundraisers go to fund pharmaceutical research for creating new drugs. When pharmaceutical companies already make billions of dollars, why don't they fund their own research in creating for profit drugs?
hope this October we will put at least 75% of our cancer awareness energy into finding a minimum of 10 dietary and lifestyle habits that will make our joints, tendons, ligaments, skin, muscles, digestive track, lymphatic system, brain, and other vital organs and systems feel better. And in the case of breast cancer, we should look for ways that we can make them feel better,in such things as the environment they're continually exposed to, a good blood supply and lymphatic flow through the breast area. After all "it is the things that hurt our body parts in a continuous aggravating way that cause cancer." 
 Looking for a cure while ignoring the causes, is like continually looking for ways to dry a floor while ignoring the leak and refusing to turn off the spigot."

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