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Breast Cancer and Hormone Balance

  Hormones are a signaling and messaging system that various cells, parts and systems of our body use to communicate with each other. If this gets out of whack it can cause things to operate differently, "like a vehicle that needs to go forward but has been shifted in reverse."
When there is imbalance in estrogen production and a combination of cell injury in the breast area (from things such as excessive pressure, radiation, inflammation in the lymph nodes etc.), we are essentially priming this area for unusual cell growth.
Estrogen stimulates the growth of breast cell division and (since this is the primary breast hormone), if a breast cancer cell gets out of the original membrane pocket in the breast), these structurally messed up breast cells are drawn to other estrogen rich areas such as the ovaries and then can attach and grow there as well. When this happens, our immune system has a little extra work cut out for it. However if our immune system is strong, "the only thing left for it to do is find the cancer, and a change in the diet can oft times make this much easier."
The EPA has a Endocrine Disrupter Screening Program (EDSP) and in 2012 released a list of 10,000 chemicals, (this document is 176 pages of chemicals and there are actually around 85,000 chemicals on the market). How can they keep up with the effects of these chemicals, (especially when used in combination with others), and how can we keep up with what these chemicals do to the chemistry of our body? 
I believe we can over-stress about these things and that we should put our energy into things that strengthen our body's own defense. When we instead focus on how we can create a stable internal environment, (through our lifestyle habits) our body can deflect a lot of things around us that cause hormones to get out of balance, it then can create a homeostatic environment where hormones are balanced and metabolized properly. This is much better then excessive worry about factors we cannot control, "our primary focus should be on the things we can."
 Lifestyle factors that can effect estrogen levels: obesity, inactivity, alcohol, birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy.
Here are some things that may help in winning the hormone balancing act;
Frankincense: helps regulate production of estrogen- rub into breast area several times a week. 
Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage, (can help the body excrete estrogen and other hormones). Regular consumption has shown powerful anti-breast cancer benefits. A Chinese study (Int J Cancer 2009;125:181-188) showed that one serving of cruciferous vegetables a day reduced the risk of breast cancer by 50%. A great way to release more of the hormone regulating, cancer fighting ICT's (isothiocyanate's) is to raw juice cruciferous vegetables. The list of anti-cancer benefits of cruciferous vegetables is an extensive one.
Turmeric (curcumin), has a potent phytoestrogen that can bind to estrogen receptors. Turmeric is also known for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects and since inflammation is at the root of cancer and the area of concern (breast cells) has estrogen receptors, it makes a whole lot of sense to me that turmeric (curcumin) is part of a daily supplement schedule.
Flaxseed, is probably the highest add-ins that we can use in dietary lignan (a phytoestrogen compound), this should provide much the same benefits in blocking estrogen receptors. 
Other sources of phytoestrogens are; sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, peanuts and poppy seeds. 
Note: I believe there is more research that needs to be done on the effectiveness of phytoestrogens (in blocking estrogen receptors), but it makes sense that when an estrogen receptor is filled with a plant compound (phytoestrogen) it then can block it from receiving an estrogen. If the extra estrogen is floating around unable to attach itself to a receptor, wouldn't our body recognize it as waste it needs to metabolize and then clear it through our waste removal system?        
Lifestyle habits to balance hormones: fresh clean air, healthy balanced diet (using whole food), plenty of water (occasionally add electrolytes), exercise, sunshine (if you feel you're not getting enough, add vitamin D), deep sleep (with no stimulants or sugar 6 hours prior to bed time). Last but not least, destress your life (this includes discounting advice from a doctor or oncologist that tries to push your panic buttons). It takes 7-10 years for a breast cancer to grow to a size that a mammogram can even detect, so you should never think that you have to do something "NOW!" 
I believe very strongly in the power of the immune system and the lymphatic  system's capability to govern the health of our body's systems and its parts, so one thing I believe would be of benefit to add in with the above is; a regular Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (apply less then 9 ounces of pressure per square inch and massage in a circular motion).
 Hormones are messengers, and healthy lifestyle habits are what helps keep them balanced and from delivering weird messages to our corresponding, body parts or cells."


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