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Breast Cancer Cell Apoptosis "Nature's Chemotherapy"

 In a study of over 10,000 patients, those who underwent chemotherapy were 14 times more likely to develop leukemia and 6 times more likely to develop cancers of the bones, joints, and soft tissue than those who did not undergo chemotherapy. (NCI Journal 87:10), John Diamond, MD.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month history:
drug giant AstraZeneca (formerly Zeneca Group PLC) launched Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985. It wasn't started just to raise awareness but also to get more people talking about breast cancer as part of a "national dialogue." This dialogue has served as a catalyst for generating a lot of fear in women about the possibility of developing breast cancer, which is probably a big reason that so many were convinced to get regular mammograms. 
Everything that I have researched about mammograms points toward usage of a technology (ionizing radiation) that is known to cause cancer and heavy compressions (which could possibly burst a pocket of cancer that we would be otherwise shielded from). So how does a drug company like AstraZeneca benefit from starting a movement such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and partnering with many of the nation's leading cancer groups, such as American Cancer Society, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure to push for more cancer screenings? The answer may be found in knowing what 2 of their patented breast cancer blockbuster drugs are, "Arimidex and Tamoxifen." These drugs are what tens of thousands of women are given after being diagnosed with breast cancer. So were they the wolf the FDA has been letting guard our henhouse? 
Ionizing radiation of the breasts (mammograms) has been pushed for many years for both the young, middle age and elderly, now suddenly it appears that an attempt at a soft backdown is happening by the same organizations that pushed massive usage of this cancer causing form of diagnostics. They are now recommending using it at an older age but are still not mentioning thermography, (a diagnostic technology that can detect unusual breast cell activity long before mammography does without doing any harm to breast tissue).
We have seen time and again that surgery oft times seems to be like giving oxygen to a fire, we know that chemotherapy is a carcinogen (carcinogens cause cancer) and ionizing radiation causes cancer, so why do we do these things to help us win the cancer battle? "Beats me!" I spoke to one of my members today that recently had a biopsy done on a growing spot on one of his lungs, there were 6 chunks taken out of this area and his lung collapsed. Even though they were able to find out what it is, isn't this a terribly invasive approach to an already hurting area of the body? What if we could strengthen the body and its discovery mechanisms which in turn can cause cancer cell apoptosis (cell suicide) selectively to the cancer cells?
Apoptosis:  there are lots of natural chemicals in our foods that cause corrupted (cancerous) cells to die. These natural foods also help regular cells become stronger and healthier. When we strengthen from within the stem cells, the cells they produce become stronger and better regulated. As the surrounding cells get healthier and stronger, so does the body's capability to dispose of the cancerous cells and new healthy tissue can grow there instead!

I've been trying to uncover the best foods, seeds etc. for boosting the body's natural capability of apoptosis of cancer cells and this is what I found; 

Fruits:  wild blackberry, strawberry, choke cherry, elderberry, avocado, black raspberry, jamun berry (indian blackberry).

Seeds:  apricot seed, peach seed, apple seed, cherry seed, nectarine seed, pear seed, plum seed, prune seed. "These seem to be some of the biggest cancer fighters."

Nuts:  bitter almond, macadamia.

Leaves:  alfalfa, eucalyptus. 

Herbs:  marijuana (especially the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC).

Teas:  Essiac tea, green tea, pine. One that is of special interest since I live in the south is the "steeping of pine needles into a tea."

Roots:  garlic and ginger. Ginger has been shown to selectively kill breast cancer cells. PMID: 22969274 

Miscellaneous:  baking soda, turmeric, vitamin D, dark chocolate, kale.
We tend to avoid bitter tasting foods, seeds, grasses, teas etc. but I believe this is a good indicator of its effectiveness and medicinal capabilities. I also believe we should go primarily for foods, herbs, teas, spices etc. that are grown in our home area.
One of the best ways to put on a protective breast guard that will help protect against breast cancer is healthy, consistent lifestyle habits. Doing this, not only can protect us from cancer, it can also shrink and eliminate the cancer. When we adapt healthy habits, our immune system and health can start immediately improving instead of getting slammed as most conventional (for profit) cancer treatment protocols do!

We do not have to be a part of the elusive search for the cures, cancer is curable now...

 Thanks for listening in this month to a person that does not have female breasts, this has been a real learning curve, but one with many health parallels  for full and vibrant physical health that applies to both women and men! 

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