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Breast Environment

Breast Environment
By: Wade Yoder

 Our health is like a plant, our daily habits and environment is its soil...
One of the first things we should change when we have a body part or parts that are in pain (or if we want to prevent future pain or disease) "is the lifestyle habits they're planted in." It is through our habits that both the good and bad things happening in our body get fed. This shouldn't scare us, this should excite us! 
Example of good treatment: if we have a plant that is in a shaded area that doesn't get much sun, the dirt isn't very good, and we forget to water it, just imagine what would happen if we planted it in nutrient rich soil out front where it gets plenty of sunshine and plenty of attention. We would see this plant shed the old withered diseased leaves and begin to grow new ones, "reflective of the the simple changes in treatment it is getting."
Example of bad treatment: if we leave the same plant where it was and simply snip off, burn off, or use chemicals to get rid of the affected leaves and continue to forget to give it water and nutrients on a daily basis, wouldn't we be ignoring what is actually causing the problem in the first place?
One of the greatest contributors to cancerous mutations is ionizing radiation, and other forms of aggravation to a body part or organ, yet we radiate, press, probe, biopsy, cut and poison these areas of the body as a solution to a body part that is already hurting. Shouldn't we first try changing the environment and the soil we are planted in to see if this might shrink the problem into a non-issue?
What causes good breast cells to go bad: most of the cells of our body divide rapidly and this is no exception for breast tissue especially throughout the younger years. When the instructions for the new generation of cells gets corrupted and the built in mechanisms of the breast cells do not correct this, it can grow into something we later diagnosis as cancer. Radiation and carcinogens from our environment, food, etc., can change the structure of the DNA in our cells and when these cells replicate, they build cells that are not in synch with the others. If these corrupted breast cells break out of the area containing them (from compression or enzymatic breakdown of the wall) they can go to other areas of the body and grow corrupted breast tissue in that area.  
The reason I do not believe in mammograms is that it exposes the breast tissue and heart area to ionizing radiation. Quite simply, it is using the very thing to detect cancer that also happens to cause cancer. The painful compressions of the breast tissue come before the mammogram and since doctors are taught to "NOT" compress after a lump is found (because it can break the cancerous capsule), is not this a direct contradiction of proper procedure? 
Question: if oncology is going for early and safe detection, "why is thermography not pushed more?" Thermography can detect unusual activity much earlier in the breasts then mammography and uses infrared imaging (which is safe) and does not use ionizing radiation.
"Our medical care system is rewarding doctors much more for ordering and reading scans than for talking to a patient." "Radiation exposure from these scans is not inconsequential and can lead to later cancers." ~ Dr. Len Lichtenfeld Deputy chief medical officer for the national office of the American Cancer Society.
"Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctor still use chemotherapy for these tumors" ~ Allen Levin MD UCSF.
Personal hypothesis: I believe we should be very careful what types of skin care products and deodorants we use regularly around the breast areas and under our arms. I believe we should be careful what detergents we use on clothing and bedsheets that come in contact with our skin. I believe we should replace processed food and drinks with unprocessed foods. I believe many of the additives, chemicals and drugs we subject ourselves to can be hormone disrupters that become drivers of breast and other cancers. I believe we should stimulate breast tissue not mash, radiate and agitate it, (aggravation yields inflammation, continuous inflammation yields chronic inflammation and chronic inflammation yields cancer). 
I believe when we change the above and adapt healthy lifestyle habits that make our body feel better, we change the soil our health is planted in and our body parts will reflect our efforts.      

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