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Childhood Cancer and Our Early Donor Opportunity

 September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and brings attention to the trauma that these children and their families go through that have to experience this. To see a child (and their family) going through this hurts deep and I can only imagine what a parent must be going through when they cannot absorb this hurt, pain and trauma their child is going through.
Even though I'm a skeptic of the many "March Against This, March Against That events," there are some things I like in the awareness it brings to the prevention side for the real seekers and the ones who try to understand cancer and look beyond the barbaric treatment of cancer that cancer profiteers provide. The reason I consider these barbaric ways of treating cancer is surgery and biopsies seem to add fuel to the fire, the other two (chemotherapy and radiation) can damage the DNA of our cells and cells with damaged DNA reproduce warped versions of themselves which can lead to cancer.
We never know when these dreaded illnesses may visit our home, but there are things that we can do as a mother and father to build our baby's defenses against illness and disease prior to conception, during the pregnancy and the early years of our child's life.
Prior and during pregnancy: we have the opportunity as parents to build healthy gene expression throughout the beginning stages of our child's life from conception to birth. When we keep, toxic household chemicals, unhealthy diet, X-rays, CT scans, and other forms of radiation out of and away from our body prior to and during our pregnancy, we decrease our child's future risk of having cells produced the wrong way (aka cancer). During the pregnancy our child's immune system learns the things that should become accepted by their body after their birth by the things we subject them to while they are in the womb. After birth the things their body was not subjected to become anti-body and their immune system will attack it as a foreign invader! It's the things their body is too slow to recognize as foreign that we have to worry about. Our child's immune system is so powerful it can kill the entire body (such as in anaphylactic shock), so it can pretty much kill anything that it doesn't recognize as a part of our child's internal and external environment!"   

After birth: we have the opportunity during the years after our child's birth to build anti-cancer cells with nutrition, sunshine, exercise, regular rest and sleep habits that help fuel the growth of the next healthy generation of cells. As this process continues to grow, so does their capability snip out bad parts of DNA code that could build mis-shaped, misbehaving cells that could grow into cancer. This process helps nip the beginnings of cancer in the bud.  
 Living dirty and eating clean: two of the best ways I know to build the immune system is exposure and nutrition, the immune system also happens to be the thing that does battle against cancer in our child's body "it only has to recognize these cells as foreign." Getting out in the sun, getting dirty, playing with siblings and friends, good diet along with consistent sleep and rest habits is a childhood cancer prevention lifestyle!
Household chemicals: most household chemicals are toxic (carcinogenic) and carcinogens cause cancer. Even though these cleaners may have the house smelling clean, we're turning it into a carcinogen trap and when we keep our children in an environment that is constantly being sanitized with toxic chemicals we increase their's and our own susceptibility to cancer. There are safe household cleaners available, but if you're unsure of the carcinogenic effect of your cleaners, open windows and doors to air out your home, (especially while cleaning), this helps lessen the toxic exposure. 
Cancer is a devastating thing that can happen to anyone, but we as parents have a responsibility to do what we can to help our child build an immune system that works as a cancer shield in a cancerous world. Working our way backwards and learning what causes cancer (and turning off the faucet), is much more important then finding a cure...
"We as parents are builders of the home our child's life resides in. This building process starts before conception, goes through the early stages of childhood and impacts their habits and decisions as a young adult and helps set the foundation for the next generation. This is their body, they are our living legacy!"


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