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Fat Furnace Trigger

Fat Furnace Trigger

Burning fat is one thing that we have over complicated and commercialized in every feasible way imaginable. Every time we turn around there is a newest, latest best way to burn it for us!

Question: if we spent a lot of time and money, canning and storing food in our storage pantry, would we pay someone money to come burn some of it, if we felt our inventory had grown too large? Or would we skip going to the grocery store every so often and simply use from our storage supply, thus reducing the size of our inventory?

 How to unlock the door to our storage areas: many of us probably know that sugar is by far one of the biggest culprits in creating fatty deposits, but just like the creation of fatty deposits the KEY in getting these same fatty deposits to release the calories they store, is in getting the SUGAR in our blood LOW!

 How our body stores fat: our body produces insulin whenever it senses sugar entering our system, (this is how glucose gets transported to muscle cells for energy). Whenever we take in more sugar then our muscle cells need, the insulin will continue to transport it out of our blood, but this is when it starts stuffing it into our fat cells, making them fat. If insulin were not doing this, our network of blood vessels would become a sticky mess causing anything from blindness to loss of circulation leading to amputations!

 Fat Burning Trigger: since sugary intake (especially lots of sugar and starches) causes our pancreas to release insulin to do it’s job, oft times once the sugar is transported, (if we don’t continue to fuel this fire with more sugar) we will feel our energy start to bottom out. The reason is simple, we flooded our system with too many little workers (insulin) and they depleted our sugar!

This is when we oft times make the mistake of thinking we need to take in some sugar, DON’T!!! Just drink some really cold water and try to move around for a while and this will help speed up and trigger the next reaction. Once all the insulin in our blood figures out the sugar is gone, our level of insulin will recede from our blood and this is the trigger that actually opens the door to receiving energy into our system from the fat cells. So its actually 2 things that need to get low, before our body starts to get it’s energy from stored fat, sugar then insulin.

 Two of the worse things in the obesity epidemic are beverages that are not water and sweet foods without fiber! A sweet food or drink without fiber to slow down sugar’s entry into our bloodstream, when consumed will effectively shut down the burning of body fat for energy!

 Why has our era of FDA and USDA controlled food and drug system along with new diet foods, weight loss bars, weight loss drinks, fat burners, and other easy weight loss methods yielded an explosive era of obesity and chronic disease?

 I believe the answer is a simple one: we have entered an era where we have lazily let people (we have no business trusting), do our thinking for us and they have gotten us off track as to what the basic fundamentals of weight loss and disease prevention actually are!

 Free weight loss plan: figure out how much fat you want to burn off, then select the days you are least active and not exercising to eliminated starches and sugars (this includes fruits). Doing intermittent fasting on your non-exercise days). Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water, (drinking cold water between meals helps burn more calories).

 With the cost of food, and the time that it takes for us to eat it, there is no reason that weight loss should not save us time and money!


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