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Freedom From Drugs vs Cheap Access To Drugs

 We live in an era where there is far too much emphasis on cheap or free access to drugs and healthcare and not enough emphasis on doing what we can to live drug-free and to be less reliant on the healthcare system instead of relying so heavily on it for our health and wellbeing. We oft times look at people that are on drugs illegally as being "on drugs" while we ourselves are putting our bodies and organs through hell on legal drugs. How much does our body actually care about what is legal or illegal?
Why is it that we think that a man-made pill from the opium plant is okay to use in mass quantities throughout the United States? The easy access to these narcotics and the low bar set for prescriptions should be clear as crystal to the regulators as to why there is such a problem with massive usage and distribution of these. 
Note: Afghanistan is the primary producer of the world's opium. Production in Afghanistan was decreased by the Taliban by 94% in 2000, but after the American and British invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, and the installation of the interim government, Afghanistan once again became the world's largest producer of opium. When you look at the massive consumption of pain pills (made from opioids) here in the United States it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
Our real addiction: "we use drugs to manage symptoms instead of relieving our hurting body part(s) or system(s) of the actual problem." This applies to diabetes management, arthritis management, pain management, cholesterol management, blood pressure management, cancer management and the list goes on and on. When we take drugs for symptoms but are unwilling to change the lifestyle habit that is causing it, (though it is accepted in today's society and condoned by the FDA) our body's opinion is quite simply that "we are a drug user and abuser."
We have a new year coming up and one thing that we can all benefit from is decreasing our dependence on drugs whether illegal or legal (including alcohol and tobacco), and making the lifestyle changes that empower our body to make its own personal designer drugs it needs to fight the bad stuff and to keep us healthy. There are some things that we can do now to help prevent or decrease our dependence on drugs in 2016.
Statins: instead of using statin drugs to manage cholesterol, let's start making the dietary changes needed to heal our network of blood vessels (taking away the reason for the cholesterol sticking to our blood vessel walls), lower our sugar and high fructose corn syrup intake and increase fiber intake. Increasing our fiber intake causes us to lose bile that our body has to replace), our liver then makes new bile from cholesterol which lowers our cholesterol. "That's why high fiber foods are considered cholesterol lowering foods."
Sugar lowering drugs and insulin: we can lower our need for insulin and sugar lowering drugs through diet and exercise. Exercise helps suck up glucose from the blood to energize our muscles thus lowering blood sugar. Intense exercise stimulates the hormone Glut4 to the surface of our muscle cells and helps sugar enter into them easier, lowering the amount of insulin we need. This helps lower the stress put on our pancreas for insulin production.
Blood pressure drugs: a heart healthy diet with healthy dietary fats and an active lifestyle can decrease our need for blood pressure medicine. A quick remedy for blood pressure is doing slow to moderate activity until you feel your body heat up. This causes blood to heat up as well (blood that is heated up relaxes blood vessels).
Drugs for gastro intestinal issues: keep a food diary for what you eat and how you feel. This timeline will give you a prescription of what you need to eliminate (that your gut doesn't like) and may also help you resolve auto-immune disorders that can be caused by undissolved food particles getting into your blood. Undissolved particles can cause our organs to get inflamed when the blood delivers food particles instead of nutrients that are ready to absorb.
Pain drugs: finding out why our body part or system is hurting and then eliminating this will dry out the inflammation that is causing the pain. When a pain gets too intense in an area, cool it down, "this helps shrink the inflammation thus reducing the pain."
Even though we can find out many of the side effects of individual drugs, there is very little research if any on long term effects of drug combinations.,
Giving your body the chance to work its way through things by giving it time and good lifestyle habits can decrease your dependence on drugs produced by man and will build a stronger and more skilled immune system that can build the exact drugs your body needs.
Continued use of medications, (especially multiple ones) work in the body like an unlabeled mixed pack of seeds does in the ground, "you really don't know what the results will yield. 

 Let's make it our mission in 2016 to find the reasons our body needs a drug in the first place and eliminate that which will take away the need for the drug or at the least help decrease the dosage and frequency.
"The best doctors give the least medicines." ~Benjamin Franklin 

Find out why you are taking a drug, then continue to ask questions as to what is causing the why...


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