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Thanks for visiting my health and fitness articles page. These articles cover a variety of topics such as workout routines, general health, fitness, nutrition, chronic disease and anti-aging strategies. These articles are published in 5 local newspapers in Georgia and are uploaded here the following Monday after each print publication.
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Wade Yoder, Master Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Health and Fitness Tips 2016 "Part 4"

Are you at risk for breast cancer?: of course you are, if you have breast tissue (that is made up of glands, lobes, lobules, lymph vessels, lymph nodes etc.) However, our body is constantly fixing things that are getting out of whack without us even knowing it. Each area of our body comes with its own system of cleansing, detoxification and repair mechanisms, so we should be looking for ways to strengthen that instead of constantly checking these areas to see if something is wrong with them.
Breast environment: mammograms expose the breast tissue and heart area to ionizing radiation. Quite simply, it is using the very thing to detect cancer that also happens to cause cancer. The painful compressions of the breast tissue come before the mammogram and since doctors are taught to "NOT" compress after a lump is found (because it can break the cancerous capsule), is not this a direct contradiction of proper procedure?
Breast cancer and hormone balance: hormones are messengers, and healthy lifestyle habits are what helps keep them balanced and from delivering weird messages to our corresponding, body parts or cells."
Breast cancer cell apoptosis, "nature's chemotherapy":healthy, consistent lifestyle habits not only can protect us from cancer, it can also shrink and eliminate the cancer. When we adapt healthy habits, our immune system and health can start immediately improving instead of getting slammed as most conventional (for profit) cancer treatment protocols do!
Holding your breath: temporarily holding your breath can give a slight surge in strength and help protect your back.
Cramps? Try pickle juice: pickle juice relieves cramps fast.
Pancreatic Cancer and Diabetes: If we can lighten the load on our pancreas, it just might help us avoid pancreatic cancer and diabetes. We can have small amounts of cancer in an organ such as the pancreas and never know it, but it can certainly affect its performance! 
Flushing gallstones and healing our pancreas: there are ways to naturally flush our gallbladder, "don't let someone take yours without trying to flush it out first." Get on a high fiber diet and add in probiotics to help lower risk of gallstones and to relieve an overworked pancreas.
Reverse diabetes: don't get labeled, "change your lifestyle to increase glucose uptake and lower the need for insulin."
HIV and the immune system: when we look at a compromised immune system and see how powerful a fully functional immune system is, "we can better understand the healing and protective powers of this system that works 24-7-365 at protecting us!
Understanding the baby language of our parts: listening to your body and what it is trying to tell you is important, after all if you do not listen to your body who else will? You are the parent of your body parts." 

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