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Thanks for visiting my health and fitness articles page. These articles cover a variety of topics such as workout routines, general health, fitness, nutrition, chronic disease and anti-aging strategies. These articles are published in 5 local newspapers in Georgia and are uploaded here the following Monday after each print publication.
I wish you the best in health and fitness~
Wade Yoder, Master Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Health and Fitness Tips 2016

I get a little longwinded when I get on certain subjects so I will try to keep these notes as short as possible and sum up the articles (from this past year) into short notes. I hope these health notes will help you in 2016!
To attempt to live longer is Nuts!: research has shown that death from the leading causes of death (heart disease, cancer and respiratory), were lower in ones with a higher nut consumption. Use local grown nuts replace unhealthy snacks.
Fitness starting points: 1. Gain muscle. 2. Lose body fat. 3. Increase endurance. 4. Fight disease by empowering your own immune system, "it produces its own drugs when we do that."
Detox for prevention energy and fitness: Keeping our body toxin free, helps us to not only unleash the power of the immune system, but happens to slenderize the waist as well! Oft times a good detox can get rid of 7-12 pounds of waste! 
Too much exercise can clog up your drain pipes: over doing it can cause too much protein breakdown and overwhelm the kidneys. Steady wins the race!
You are Trillions: your body is made up of trillions of cells, (most of which regenerates at least once a year). Your habits can rejuvenate or age your cells.
Hormone imbalance: keeping a good diet, plenty of water, active lifestyle, deep rest and getting rid of stress helps go a long ways in keeping our hormones balances. 
This little pump inside our chest: our heart pumps around 20 quarts of blood per minute (at rest) and will pump a total of around 1.5 million gallons of blood (into a network of approximately 50,000 miles of blood vessels) every year for us! 
The basics for heart health are: fresh clean air, heart healthy balanced diet, sunshine, staying hydrated with clean water, exercise, deep rest, sleep, stress release, fun, and quality time spent with the ones you care about!
Renewing our worn out joints: why is it that people who are told, they HAVE TO HAVE back or knee surgery, are immediately upon diagnosis prescribed pain pills, pain blocks, and anti-inflammation drugs instead of a back belt, decompression therapy, knee support, and joint building supplements (between diagnosis and time of surgery)? But then why would a salesman want to show you how you can avoid doing business with him?  
What soil is your health and fitness planted in?: our health and fitness has roots, and it is planted squarely in the lifestyle habits we choose and oft times the environment we select. This defines the outcome much like nutrient rich soil and hydration does for a plant. Each choice we make determines the dirt our health and fitness is planted in.
Restoring old fat "cellulite": cellulite is blood and oxygen starved fat. We can help smooth and repair this fat by building a better blood flow to this area, building muscle in this area, and increase blood flow into these areas by applying heat and skin brushing.
Bottom to the top: too often we feel change uses a top down approach but I think its pretty clear to most of us by now, that change is not going to happen at the top unless the soil (that gives problems a root system to grow in) changes! Your purchases, your vote, your lifestyle is this soil and what grows on top represents you! Even though our action or inaction may seem like a little pebble dropped in a massive lake, the ripple effect can last a lifetime and longer! Sometimes change has to happen at the bottom, for change to happen at the top...
 I hope this new year is good one for you and your family, and pray that your health and fitness efforts will be blessed and multiplied in 2016!

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