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H.I.V. And The Immune System

As of the end of 2014 there were approximately 37 million people worldwide living with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). Most of us probably already know this disease compromises the immune system and (most anyone that knows me), knows my passion for the human body's immune system and how we can naturally stimulate it. My interest is not so much in HIV as it is in this virus's interest in the immune system. Why is this virus so attracted to the human body's T helper cells? What can we learn about the devastating effects of a continually compromised immune system that will show us what we can prevent with a strong immune system?
The breakdown of HIV is this: 
H: Human - a virus infecting humans.
I: Immunodeficiency - a weakening of the immune system's CD4 cells also known as T helper cells.
V: Virus - a virus can only reproduce itself by taking over a cell in the body; it is incomplete and ineffective until then.  

The basics of HIV makes it a lot like other viruses in that it needs the components of a human cell to replicate itself. It's like a foreigner wanting to use a domestic factory (that has the machines they need) to build their poison products with the intention of destroying the country that the factory is in. The best way to keep this from happening is to prevent foreign invasion at all entry points and not letting someone use the factory equipment that shouldn't be.
The virus: the protein on this particular virus is particularly attracted to and almost seems like it was taylor designed to perfectly fit the receptors on one of our immune system's main components (T helper cells) and in turn use them as a factory to reproduce replicas of the virus.    
The immune system and HIV: our immune system is our intelligence and defense  system that recognizes what is foreign to the body and what is actually self. Since T cells are a large part of our immune system, (when the HIV virus infects them) it will gradually slow down this system's capability to detect foreign invaders. It is like a country (that is surrounded by other countries) that slowly over time gets rid of their intelligence and military personnel, "it simply makes the country vulnerable to opportunistic countries that prey on another country's weakness. This weakness can lead to a country's demise.
This encroachment of the body's immune system cells can go for a long time (our immune system is powerful and can fight back), but if a person with HIV does not have a good counter punch strategy, their resistance to illness and disease can weaken much sooner.
AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome): is the final stage of HIV and is the point the person with HIV pretty much has lost his/her defenders and is vulnerable to most any opportunistic infectious invaders that prevail themselves as cancers, neurological problems or other illness. This is pretty much when the homeland is left completely unguarded and without protection against invaders from the outside.
Whether you have HIV, AIDS, or simply want to build a strong defense to stay healthy and strong, there are a few simple steps you can take. 
Building and maintaining a strong immune system: 

1. Detox: one of the first things is to  free up your immune system to only work on new things (this can be done by cleaning up the colon and getting rid of old stuff our body is continuing to absorb and then have to detox itself from). I would recommend a 7 day guided system detox. A high fiber diet (with plenty of organic fruits and vegetables) will help detox the other digestive organs. You can add Psyllium husk fiber as well. Doing these things help keep the bowels scrubbed clean and helps drag toxins out of our waste basket.   
2. Build gut health: a large part of our immune system is generated from our digestive tract. Raw fruits and vegetables, fermented product such sauerkraut and cultured cabbage juice as well as adding in probiotics help restore digestive health. Study up as much as you can on gut health. For more information on gut health go to www.gastric.tv   
3. Healthy habits done with consistency: good deep rest, activity, breath clean air, stay hydrated with water, sunshine and stay stress free along with a good social circle of family and friends. 
 I want to thank my uncle (Dr. Kauffman) for his help with this article. He specializes in HIV and has done a lot on the mission field for HIV and AIDS patients. 
 Your immune system works like a medical team 24-7-365 days a year, it is your defense missile system.   
For more information on the immune system go to  www.immune.tv

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