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Thanks for visiting my health and fitness articles page. These articles cover a variety of topics such as workout routines, general health, fitness, nutrition, chronic disease and anti-aging strategies. These articles are published in 5 local newspapers in Georgia and are uploaded here the following Monday after each print publication.
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There’s a lot of value in eating locally grown fruits and vegetables whenever you can. Growing some of your own food or having a small garden is really good and besides the healthy fruits and vegetables, knowing how to grow at least some of your own food is a good thing!

 When fruits and vegetables are picked and sold locally, they can be picked at the ripened stage. I like to think of the fruit or vegetable at the ripened stage as the point when the plant, tree or vine is finished with its project. Have you ever noticed how willing the plant, tree or vine is to turn it loose once it has finished its work vs. when the fruit or vegetable hasn’t ripened? Once its ripened, the plant is finished with its nutritious project. 

 We know that locally produced honey can help with allergy symptoms in your particular area, since the bees make it with pollen from this same area, and using this honey seems to help you become more resistant to the pollen. Have you ever noticed that certain fruits and vegetables grow really well in some regions and not in others? We are also exposed to these same conditions, so when we have the opportunity to eat the foods that nature packages for us from this area, it just may be exactly the designer foods we need, to help us do better as well. 

 Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Example: there are over 400 known and named nutrients in an apple, plus many more that are unnamed. I like to think of fruits and vegetables as nature’s multi-vitamin package and when grown in the area you’re in, it becomes a multi-vitamin perfectly designed and packaged by The Master Blender for the people in that area. 

 I don’t want to completely take away from the value of adding in vitamin and mineral supplementation, especially for a person that does not get 5-7 servings a day, but for the most part we can trust nature’s multi-vitamin and mineral packages from fruits and vegetables any day over man made Multi-Vitamins and minerals! These are the foods that supply the 1000’s of nutrients that help us fight disease!     

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