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Me vs. Healthcare

Me vs. Healthcare 


 Early detection by the medical field, should have never attempted to step into the shoes of prevention, it is incapable of yielding the same benefits. 

 Navigating healthcare and healthcare options is something we have been hearing a lot about and it can be unnerving to say the least! We have a huge aging population which will and has been stretching our healthcare system and capabilities to the max and it’s enough to give all of us concern as to what kind of care we can expect if we ourselves or family need healthcare services. 

  It really impacted me years ago when I read a September 2012 article in the Wall Street Journal- where it said that there are enough people that die each week from medical mistakes to fill 4 jumbo jets. This does not include the ones with temporary or lifetime complications from medical mistakes. As the system gets loaded with more and more patients due to our aging population, we need to consider that quality of care may decline due to wait times, and less time for individual care by the healthcare professional. 

 We have overused and abused medical access for years and have grown a dependency that we need to assess and possibly back off from. We can decrease our dependency oft times by changing some lifestyle habits and we can track down some answers simply by asking ourselves a few simple questions: 

1. What have I been doing wrong?

2. What have I not been doing right?

3. How long has 1 or 2 been going on?

4. What can I do to correct this?

Asking ourselves these questions and answering them honestly can put us on track for decreasing our dependency on others for our health.


 Self diagnostic questions we can ask ourselves: have I been getting adequate water -have I been getting plenty of activity and exercise -have I been eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables every day, and have I been getting good deep sleep? 

 We have an internal doctor (our immune system) that works 24 x7 x 365 and it isn’t practicing medicine- it knows exactly what’s wrong and what it needs to repair and rejuvenate us with. Oft times all this internal system asks from us is a better diet, more water, more activity and better rest.   

 1. When you feel fine and your doctor is constantly trying to get you to come back for checkups etc. (remember this is a business to them), but for you its subjecting yourself to a gathering place of sick people many times unnecessarily. 

2. When it comes to our medicine(s) we need to know the purpose of each and every one.

3. Learn all the side effects of each medicine, before using it.

4. If you’re on medicine(s), question yourself and your doctor, to see if there is anything in your lifestyle that you can change or add to lessen the need for the medicine over time? 

 If we can change our thought pattern from how we will be able to access healthcare, to a more defensive play of how can I keep myself from needing the healthcare system, (we can save ourselves a lot of down time as well as exposure to other pathogens etc. while we are in doctor’ offices, hospitals and waiting rooms). This helps create healthcare independence and that is much better then healthcare dependence! 

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