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Medicine is Sick Care, Food Is Health Care

Medicine is Sick Care, Food Is Health Care  

By: Wade Yoder


 Medicine is not healthcare, food is health care. Laboratory created medicine is sick care. It’s time we see it for what it is and recognize the truth of a saying handed down throughout the past 2,000 years from the father of modern day medicine that for some reason has been ignored more and more by the field of medicine and patients in the past 100 years… 


We have somehow let our healthcare slip from our own hands and have built reliance on a system that is largely governed by an industry that benefits from managing symptoms, (not curing the source of the symptoms), and will no longer provide the drugs if our insurance provider decides we no longer qualify. 

Question: if you owned a pharmaceutical company and spent in excess of a billion dollars on developing a sugar control drug, would you want to educate your customers on lowering sugar intake to control blood glucose levels, or would you rather they simply continue to manage their sugar with your drug and eat whatever they want to?


Developing a new prescription medicine that gains marketing approval, (a process often lasting longer than a decade), is estimated to cost 2.558 billion dollars, according to a study by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. 


The responsibility to not get hooked on a drug dealer’s drugs lies with us, not them. And in the case of big pharma, these drugs cost a lot of money and some of them work really well at quickly intervening between us and a health problem. So it’s largely left up to us (in the future) whether or not we want to make changes in our lifestyle to get away from the using the drug or to simply continue to use the drug.


The problem with making the decision to continue using the drug (without at least trying to find out what our body is trying to tell us), is we are apt to eventually inherit side effects from the drug. 

Example: canagliflozin the active ingredient in Invokana has over 50 potential side effects. Why would someone use a drug like this without at least trying to see if they can control blood sugar levels by eating less sugar?


There are powerful nutrient chemicals in foods, (some foods are stronger in certain things then others) and if there is any point of this article that I would like to be made the most clear it is that, “when a condition or ailment is met with the right foods and other lifestyle changes, it often will not only take care of the symptoms, it will also clean up the source of the problem(s).” 


We have some pretty awesome lab created medications at the pharmacy, but we should never doubt the power of food from God’s farmacy to heal us with no side effects!


Sometimes we really need a medicine (drug) to intervene between ourselves and a problem, but as soon as possible we should try making the dietary and other lifestyle changes that eradicate the actual problem.

Example: diet and exercise both help lower and maintain healthy blood glucose levels. 


If you have Internet access, theres a a lot of information that I’ve been posting for a long time on the medicinal power of food at www.farmacy.tv


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”~ Hippocrates 

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