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Our Most Likely Cause of Death

Our Most Likely Cause of Death

 Heart Disease is the #1 leading cause of death here in the United States and if we think back over the past several years it has probably hit us close to home through family or friend(s). It seems oft times to be reaching past the older generation for ones in their 30's, 40's and early 50's.
We have to look at what we are doing different, and the 3 largest changes seem to be, what we are eating, our activity levels and our levels of stress. We have also been advised to eat low fat foods, which is a complete farce. The problem with fat happens when we get a spike in sugar levels when consuming a high fat meal. They are finding now, that the real culprit to our cardiopulmonary system is sugar. Sugar converts to fat-faster-then-fat-does and hurts the lining of our blood vessel walls! The resulting plaque seems to simply be a scabbing of the blood vessel walls to protect itself from what we're doing to them.  
Culprits of Heart Disease: HYPERTENSION- HIGH CHOLESTEROL- OBESITY- DIABETES- STRESS- effects of CIGARETTES                                 The first 5 are oft times preventable and treatable through diet, exercise, weight reduction and staying at a good weight, and we all know the best way to lower the effects of cigarettes is to quit.
If we focus on some of the leading causes of heart disease and find the lifestyle offsets for each one, it should help us counter this deadly disease. A lifestyle offset simply works like a support for a weak or broken body part.

Here are a few heart healthy lifestyle offsets...
If you feel your blood pressure rising: take a slow walk, or other slow continuous exercise or activity. This will start warming your blood and works as a vasodilation (relaxation) of your blood vessels allowing for better blood flow thus lowering blood pressure. 
If you have high cholesterol: Eat foods high in Omega 3 and heart healthy fats such as flaxseeds, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, pecans, tuna, salmon, mackerel and herring. Other foods important to include in a heart healthy diet are ones high in soluble fiber, such as legumes, seeds, nuts, beans, vegetables and fruits, (eat these especially with high fat meals). Soluble fiber helps lower cholesterol by carrying out bile through our stool. 
Note: your body produces bile to digest fats and the soluble fiber keeps it from absorbing back into your system so that you pass it out through your waste. This forces your body to make more bile and your liver makes new bile salts with guess what....cholesterol! Keep in mind that you are made up of cells and every cell in your body needs cholesterol for proper function, it keeps cells from crystalizing, is used for making the bile our liver makes and our gallbladder stores for fat digestion, hormone production, it helps nerves communicate with each other, combination of UV light from the sun and the cholesterol in our skin even helps make vitamin D. This list about the value of cholesterol could continue, but I'm sure you get the point.   
Obesity: exercise and stay active. Stay away from sugary foods and drink, also stay away from high calorie intake prior to periods of inactivity- as your body stores energy it doesn't need in your fat cells. 
Diabetes: most of the diabetes we hear about is Type 2 and most times is brought on by a sugary, starchy, high carb diet and lack of physical activity. Insulin spikes resulting from sugar spikes cause lesions and plaque in the arteries, this is responsible for hardening of the arteries and for cholesterol sticking to the arteries.
Stress: try to stay stress free. Stress puts a load on the systems of our body that we're not meant to continue to carry and makes it so they cannot work properly, whether mental or physical. If you're going through stressful times or situations, its crucial that you find your de-stressing niche! Meditation techniques are helpful and btw whether a believer or not prayer has been proven to help. When you're stressed and worried, prayer combined with faith simply feels good when you can hand it over to Someone that you know can and wants to handle it. What works for someone else may not work for you, so find out what it is that can totally engage mind and body. Oft times when you come back to the situation, it will not have control over you, but you over it!
Cigarettes: if you smoke cigarettes, quit! If you buy cigarettes to smoke, you are paying and taking out time to hurt yourself by inhaling toxic chemicals that hurt the lining of your arteries. It also makes your lungs look like the inside of a smoke stack and you're putting in jeopardy the most important thing for life support, which is your capability for oxygen intake and uptake. There is NO supplement in life more valuable to your body then oxygen!   
Medicine: statins and other drugs can be a very important part of temporarily intervening between us and chronic disease, but keeping medicine ahead of lifestyle changes for any chronic disease is like staying tethered to a tow truck after you're out of the ditch and the longer you stay tied to it the more counter productive the tow truck becomes, it simply doesn't work and this backwards way of doing things will eventually cause other problems. When you take medicine your body has to recover or deal with two things, and the longer you stay on the medicine, the more likely you will suffer from the potential side effects on the warning label.   
 Next week will be about foods that supply the nutrients our heart is hungry for!


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