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Pathways To Suicide

 This is a really hard subject, but one that most of us have already been affected by or will be in the future. I was at a visitation earlier this week for a friend of mine that gave up on life and a little while before I left for his visitation, a friend posted about a co-worker and friend that took her life. Just a little over a year ago my neighbor's young son took his life and within the same week one of my youngest members here at the gym took his life.
This is a really tough thing for family and close friends to go through, and leaves them with a constant stream of thoughts of what they could've said or done differently to change this final decision that was made.
I believe the reason more of a dialog isn't had between the public and the ones that study this, "is due to what a lot of these cases trace back to and have in common with each other."
Example: there are many people that suffer from pain, depression and life altering tragedies, but what are the most common links that may factor in on the ones that choose to end it? Were they in intense pain? Were they in a deep depression? Did they go through a life altering situation? Were they fixing the problem or were they medicating the problem? Was hope lost? 
It can be easy to let the sadness and hurt turn to anger by the ones left behind as well as ones a little further removed from the situation to verbally or mentally judge a person or situation, but it is important to realize that we cannot properly judge a person who's shoes we have not personally walked in. And unless we know what it feels like to sink into a black hole of despair (without a glimmer or a ray of hope that things will get better), it is hard for us to understand.

Suicide from sudden impulse: I follow the research of a neurosurgeon (Dr Russell Blaylock) and one particular article stood out to me, "it was on the shadow region of the brain." He noticed how that attention spans were getting shorter when he gave class lectures, and he attributed this to rapid sources of information from tech devices. Accepting information at face value without research tends to not involve counter intuitive parts of the brain (shadow region) and when this is underdeveloped our capability to counter sudden thoughts with logic become less and less. 
Example: if you have the sudden urge to hit someone that made you angry, what stopped you? Was it because they did something to calm you down or was it because you countered your anger with a host of reasons that you should not do this? When this part of the brain is not functioning or is not properly developed, a person's capability to counter sudden impulse is weakened. 
Pain and (or) disease: most times when we get hurt, have a chronic illness, dehabilitating condition or disease, and we have hope of getting rid of the pain or disease, it encourages us to fight our way back. But if it's a terminal disease, dehabilitating or deteriorating condition and if we are given no hope that the pain we are in will ever get better, a person may begin to look at their life as already being over and decide to end it. I personally believe the power for healing and recovery that is given to a person by his or her Creator, should never be taken away from them by another human being. 

The Mayo Clinic on pain and depression: pain and depression are closely related. Depression can cause pain and pain can cause depression. Sometimes pain and depression create a vicious cycle in which pain worsens symptoms of depression, and then the resulting depression worsens feelings of pain. 
Suicide because of depression: depression can turn the lights of hope off in a person's brain and if not properly remedied can put a person in a very dark place. It may temporarily change someone's outlook by taking antidepressants, but it does nothing to change the depressing situation, just like pain pills do not remedy the pain your body is in, it simply makes so you can't feel it. I do not have answers for this since everyone's pain and depression is unique to them as an individual, but we should all realize that when we do not acknowledge pain and depression and do something real about what is causing it (instead of just medicating it), it tends to get worse. 
Questions we should ask are: what is causing my body to hurt and what can I do to stop it? What is causing my depression and what can I do to make this situation better? What can I do to measure my actions so that I do not act on impulse in situations that may hurt myself or someone else?
There are pathways to suicide that can become highways for someone that loses hope. We can only try to create pathways for change and hope around ourselves and the ones we care about.
 If you are someone that is contemplating this, just don't do it, you still have a purpose in making the lives better for the ones you care about, in the ways only you can.
If you lost someone you care about to suicide my prayer is that you will be able to find the happiness and peace that the one you are missing would want for you.  


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