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Pumping Up the Flab!

 Many of us brought the new year in with ambitious goals to shed body fat before summer and often renew that commitment when we start feeling hints of spring in the air. Well guess what, summer officially kicked off on Sunday!! 


Because the industry is so weight loss driven, we primarily think of ways to burn more body fat, but what about the empty void (the flab)? What about the remaining fat that has very little muscle under it? Why is it that even some thin people can appear saggy and flabby? Have you ever noticed how some people look really good at a heavier weight? We hear the term pleasantly plump, but whether skinny or fat, we never hear the expression, "pleasantly flabby!"  


There are 3 things that give our body its shape: bones, muscle and fat.


Fat with muscle pumped up under it actually can give a person a very healthy look and is one of the best short cuts for getting shaped up quickly! There are approximately 3500 calories in a pound of fat so it takes quite a bit of daily calorie deficits to make a noticeable difference, but it doesn't take long at all to tone and pump untoned muscle back into its prior conditioning.


Muscle shrinks or gains size according to how it gets used and it regains its prior conditioning very rapidly and most adults (that have gotten flabby) have quite a bit of mature muscle that is simply waiting on the signal to regain its size. Whether it's under body fat or under skin that seems saggy and loose, this added muscle can rapidly change your shape!


How to do it: do exercises for all parts of the body, but then specifically target the body parts that bother you the most, "with exercises that build muscle in these areas." You can get a series of exercises for these areas by going online and ask for the best exercises for this area, such as "best exercises for shoulders," "best exercises for legs," best exercises for the core," etc.


Muscle pumping tips... 


Shoulders: most overhead shoulder presses with dumbbells or bar.


Back: most rowing exercises, lat pulldowns and chin-ups.


Chest: most pressing movements, such as bench presses and pushups.


Back of the arms (triceps): this part of our arms gets flabby because we don't use our pushing muscles as much as our pulling muscles. You can do pushups against a table or other raised surface if you can't do regular pushups. It really targets triceps if you put your hands close together. 


Legs: squats, lunges and deadlifts. 


Buttocks: if you're trying to tone the buttocks, (do the leg exercises listed above), but push with your heels, "this transfers the resistance away from your knees and quadriceps and puts the added resistance in your hamstrings and buttocks."

Example: if you're doing squats at home you can hold onto something and lean backwards until most of your weight is on your heels, (slightly pick up the front of your feet) then drop down into as low a squat as you can, only using the object you're holding on to, for support. You can also put a mat or book under your heel when doing free standing squats. If you're doing smith machine squats, "position feet further out in front of you." If you're using a leg press, put your feet higher on the platform and push with your heels.


Tip: remember you're trying to pump tone into your sagging body part, so you do not want to rest long between sets as this causes you to lose the toning and pumping effect. Go as heavy as you can for about 12 reps and only rest for 30-60 seconds between sets. If you are using your body weight for your exercises such as squats, lunges and pushups, "increasing the speed, increases the resistance."


Flabbiness and a loss of shape, mostly comes from a lack of muscle. 


 Adding more muscle not only gives us a better shape, strengthens our bones, and protects our joints, it also makes our activities of daily living become easier! 



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