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Questions on Pills, Guns and False Flags

I’m not a brain specialist, psychologist, media or political analyst but I do have a few questions...

We’ve had a lot going on the past several weeks, so much brain clutter of emotions from a media magnification of the things we don’t have in common instead of a focus on the many things that we do. So who benefits from several 100 million people being riled up with angst among themselves, it doesn’t seem to be you and I...so who does?

Why at this particular time in history, (while our government is still claiming that terrorism and world unrest is abounding), is this same government constantly on a campaign to unarm its citizens, (every single time something happens) when an armed populace should be a well meaning government’s greatest ally and defender of the homeland? 

Is the recent movement by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to allow gay marriage, followed with the gay flag beamed on the White House and the sudden jumping through hoops of corporations to remove anything pertaining to the rebel flag, from TV shows, Nascar (and now Bubba Watson and the General Lee) a show of how much they care, or is it simply a demonstration of a central (Federal) government’s choking power hold over individual states rights to choose? Why is a flag being appropriate or not a question for today instead of 150 years ago? If it represents the wrongful era of slavery, should it not have been put in a museum after the Democrats lost their war for slavery 150 years ago?

Could all these events, simply be to get people’s attention off of the angst our leaders are creating abroad, and instead keep our focus on the differences we have among us, until we get the cold bucket of water slapped in our face of their real intent with our country?

Why do we not hear a little more about who raised Dylan Roof and who influenced the final molding of this hateful, person, who would set in a church with unarmed individuals whom he killed in return for their hospitality? Why is the total focus being put into tying this heinous act, to a flag and guns? Isn’t this ignorant to cast blame on external objects for something that was quite obviously happening internally in this young man’s brain by the hate that he demonstrated? After all “is the wrapper dangerous or is it the poison inside that can cause harm?”     

Why don’t we hear more about the prescription history of these deranged individuals (such as this one) that go in and shoot up unarmed and defenseless people? Why does the media not cover the fact of “what has changed in mental health” and the fact that most of these killers have two things in common, 1. doing their crime amongst people who are the least likely to be armed, 2. a history of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, (S.S.R.I.) pharmaceutical drug use?” 

Why is it that the United States is the largest prisoner of its own population, largely due to its war on drugs, but is the largest legal drug dealer and consumer in the world? Isn’t this like saying, “you gotta be my-kind-of-wrong to be right?” 

Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (S.S.R.I. drug) use has grown in popularity in anything from modifying children’s behavior (good behavior in a pill) to helping adults to “not care about depressing situations.” Is this a good idea or is this like a borderline diabetic that chooses to be on insulin instead of making lifestyle changes?

If something changes the way you or your child’s brain processes information, isn’t it like rewiring the brain? If a psychopath’s brain were put in your head, would you still be you, or would you be the psychopath? If the new brain changed the actions you took with your body, would it not be 100% due to the fact that you have a brain that processes things differently in your head? How much control do you have over your body’s actions when your brain suddenly perceives things in a different way? Likewise when a brain gets dependent on a chemical for processing external things in a positive manner, what happens when the person suddenly stops taking the drug, and they have a brain that goes bat-crazy?
Disclaimer:I believe there are times some of these drugs may be the best answer for chemical imbalances, but should this not be reserved for the most extreme cases instead of a broad base prescription model that puts industry profits ahead of a country’s mental health? 
False, fear and confusion flags are for the purpose of diverting attention from the real thing, and one thing our government, media and pharmaceutical industry seem to all have in common, is their constant diversion of attention away from the underlying “cause of the problems,” and their appreciation for a good false flag to further their own agenda.

"Ask yourself why and ask it again five more times, until all the artifice is stripped away and you have the intellectually honest answer" ~ Andy Grove

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