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Reversing Diabetes

 Don't ever underestimate the power of the body to reverse symptoms when the cause is taken away and healing lifestyle changes take its place!
  Whenever a medical term is used with pre (in front of the diagnosis) and we are sold on the idea that it should be medicated instead of us making applicable changes to our lifestyle, we are succumbing to a proposed remedy that oft times does not have a good history of bearing good fruit compared to simply making these lifestyle changes. 
 Tracing type 2 diabetes back to where it originates from is as simple as 1-2-3
1. An over worked pancreas. 
2. Cells of the body that have gotten insensitive to insulin. 
3. Then we need to ask ourselves why our pancreas is getting overworked and why our cells have gotten insensitive to insulin? The answers to these questions will give us a solution to cure our problem, not just help us manage it.

Over worked pancreas: our pancreas is responsible for a lot of digestive enzymes and the insulin our body uses to help move glucose from our blood to our cells. When we are eating sugar or "starch heavy meals" almost every time we eat, our pancreas has to work like crazy to keep up. When the cells of our body are constantly bombarded with insulin they gradually become insensitive to it (or become calloused to it). This forces the pancreas to produce even more insulin to force uptake of the sugars in our diet (this is a little like having to shout your message to a person that is going deaf because of all the racket his or her ears have to constantly endure). This forces your pancreas to work much harder then it should and creates an insensitivity to insulin. If we can create a greater sensitivity to insulin we can remedy and provide relief to our overworked pancreas. 
Steps we can take to sidestep and reverse diabetes: 
1. One of the best ways to increase insulin sensitivity is to decrease the sugar in our diet, (in other words, if it tastes sweet don't eat or drink it). When everything goes quiet for long enough in a loud room, after a while our ears will be able to hear the slightest noise. It's much the same with our cells when we decrease the amount of circulating sugar, (over time they will become more sensitive to insulin). And when our pancreas doesn't have to produce as much, it can get some much needed relief.
2. Insulin is a hormone and it simply tells the cells that there is glucose available and triggers mechanisms inside the cell that helps draw glucose inside. But if the cells cannot understand the message, they will not draw the glucose into the cell for nourishment and energy.
3. Intermittent fasting (IF) is one of my favorite ways to drop body fat and has also been shown to help slow the progression and even reverse diabetes. Fasting helps clear excess fat from our liver and if we can keep our energy laboratory in good lean condition, it should go a long ways toward helping us keep blood glucose levels steady. 
Glut4: Our cells have something called GLUT4 (glucose transporter type 4) in them. Glut4 is our cell's way of inserting little suction straws out through the membrane of our cells so we can draw glucose into the cell (insulin triggers this). We can stimulate these Glut4 receptors to the surface of our cells with muscle contraction. So when we purposely make muscles work hard all over our body, our capability to absorb sugar into the muscle goes up and the need for excess insulin goes down. Increasing muscle contractions is to our muscle cells like wearing hearing aids (instead of earmuffs) is to our ears, "it increases their capability to draw in and process glucose."
Blood glucose lowering tool chest: cinnamon, ginger, ginseng, chromium, magnesium, vinegar, and ALA (Alpha-Lipoic Acid) are known to help lower blood glucose levels.
In a nutshell: we can tell by looking at the origin of the most prominent form of diabetes (type 2) that it comes from excess sugar intake and inactivity. If we do the opposite we can squash this epidemic.
 When we remove the earmuffs from our cells and give them hearing aids instead, our pancreas does not have to speak so loudly (with the amount of insulin it has to produce) and we can then bring restoration to a tired, irritated and inflamed pancreas while restoring health and energy to the cells of our body without a needle or a pill! In this way, we may be able to lower our risk for diabetes and pancreatic cancer! 


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