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Sun Fitness


 We're going into the summer months and hopefully we'll get our sun quota and a nice reserve of vitamin D built up (in our fat cells) before going into the fall season and flu season! 


The sun's ultraviolet light interacts with cholesterol in our skin to make vitamin D and since vitamin D is fat soluble, and can be stored in fat and our liver, this extra vitamin D that we build up during the summer, should help us through the hibernation months of winter. Though it is called a vitamin, vitamin D is actually a hormone and a body's shortage of this hormone has been linked to most chronic diseases we have today, and most of us know that hormonal imbalances can get a lot of things off track!


Our body was designed to interact in a positive way with the sun and with regular exposure, this can be one of nature's greatest gifts to our health! And with all the benefits it gives us, if our children got more of it, "they probably would have immune systems more prepared to overcome the exposures when they start back to school."


We are advised now to use sunscreens for any part of our body not covered with clothes, anytime we're exposed to the sun, whether it's between the house and the car, our drive to work, or even if we have a window in our office. Can you imagine how much sunblock could get used throughout the world, if everyone in it starts using sun block lotions?        


EVERYTHING on this planet would die without the sun, and when organizations like these advocate toxic sunscreens (for any exposure someone may possibly have to it), we should place no value in them or their advocacy of the companies they fail to tell us that they actually represent. They are no different then lobbyists sent from the corporate dairy industry (cloaked as our U.S.D.A.)  to convince lawmakers that raw milk is dangerous for our health. Either one has been around for thousands of years longer then these industry fear mongers or lawmakers and (if the world doesn't end) my guess is, the health benefits of either will still be undeniable long after they're gone.


These advocacy groups do not bother telling us (during their skin care and sunblock promo speeches) that Octyl Methoxycinnamate has been shown to be toxic, but still is in 90% of the sunscreens and has been shown to be particularly toxic when exposed to sunshine.


Most of us already know, that too much of a good thing can be bad, and the sun is no different. A sun burn causes inflammation and chronic inflammation can lead to cancer of the skin. When we suddenly expose skin (that isn't used to being in the sun) to several hours exposure, we are asking for problems. 


Sun exposure is really no different then exercise, (even though it's healthy) too much exercise can lead to inflammation of the joints and continued inflammation can lead to chronic diseased joint conditions. Chronic inflammation of our skin can lead to skin cancer.



if I was in a situation where I was suddenly out in the sun for hours, and my skin was not conditioned for it and I had no good way of covering up, I would probably use whatever sunblock happens to be available, but I would only be doing it for protection from sunburn and not protection from the sun. The sun is good, sunburns are bad and the sooner we can figure that out, the better off we'll be! 


Foods good for skin color:

vitamin A rich foods are really good for healthy skin color, "orange foods such as cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, orange and yellow peppers and apricots." 


Foods good for skin protection:

colorful compounds (carotenoids) from fruits and vegetables get deposited in the skin and protect us against sunburn and aging (oxidation) of the skin. These pigments and colors in plant life use the sun to build food, and have their purpose in giving our skin good synergy with the sun as well."


Sunburn remedies:

soak a clean cloth in apple cider vinegar and lay it over the affected area, it will instantly soothe your skin and help the burn heal faster. You can also get in a tub of water, getting it as hot as you can, until you break a sweat, "this will help release the heat that is trapped under your skin and help your skin break its fever."  


Regular skin exposure to the sun, is like regular activity to muscle, "it's healthy for it."


The sun is the most powerful source of energy and life made available to this planet, and whether for health or energy, "we would do well to tap into this unlimited source of power!"


God does not make mistakes in the synergy He created between our health and nature...


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