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The 1 Cancer Doctor Who Got Caught

 Many of us probably heard about the popular oncologist (cancer doctor) in Michigan and the $35 million dollar chemotherapy fraud. 
His charges: "deliberate misdiagnosis of patients as having cancer," giving "unnecessary chemotherapy," even to end of life patients who will not benefit.
"Chemotherapy is a carcinogen and CARCINOGENS CAUSE CANCER!" According to the charges, his doctor was deliberately poisoning people and very likely will be "THE root cause for many of his patient's cancer!" 
Our bodies fight cancer every single day on its own and to put our faith in a poison industry (oncologists) to control our cancers is about as risky as hiring a thief to guard our property. It has gotten more and more that going to a medical facility will yield a diagnosis for a condition "that will qualifying you for continuing care, whether it's to be on pharmaceutical drug treatments or a continuing onslaught of doctor's office visits and diagnostic procedures in their witch hunt to find something.      
 The cancer industry has gotten huge and powerful and its need for more patients has grown in lockstep. If there ever is a cure (other then healthy lifestyle changes), the ones that built this industry would see their lucrative money machine implode. With all the pharmaceutical drug incentives for long term care, for us not to not think the temptation is there to over-diagnose, is like walking onto a car lot and asking the sales person if he or she thinks you need a car.
Cancer most times comes from stem cells that produce organ tissue. When carcinogens (toxins) are not gotten rid of properly it can mess up the blueprint for the next generation of cells, (whether it's how they're shaped or how they look). The stem cell is the mold for our new replacement cells.
Example: if a mold used to manufacture rubber tires got bent, it could effect the shape of the tire produced as well as the way the tire behaves and if we get lumpy, weak tires on our vehicle, it can effect how the vehicle operates and potentially cause the vehicle to get totaled. "The cancer industry has created an entire business model on trying to repair millions of tires instead of the mold that is producing the miss-shaped tires."   
We need healthy stem cells to produce new cells for revitalization of our body parts, but when these cells get produced in an abnormal fashion it can eventually get in the way or how the organ functions. These cells can also drift away from their original organ and attach and grow somewhere else in the body. This is why cancers are named after the place they originated from. 
Environmental toxins and bad lifestyle habits are the leading causes of messing up our stem cell's blueprint for how they're supposed to produce new cells, (whether its brain cells, liver cells, pancreatic cells, kidney cells, bones cells, lung cells, skin cells etc).
When an organ or body part is already hurting and we elect to do a biopsy, surgery, radiation or chemotherapy poisoning of this body part or organ, we are using a top down approach that can be more hurtful and harmful then doing absolutely nothing except changes in lifestyle that address the root cause. 

Cancerous questions: 

Chemotherapy is carcinogenic and carcinogens cause cancer, so even if it shrinks the cancer, does it not increase the chance of us getting cancer somewhere else? 
Radiation messes up cell structure, but isn't cancer caused by cells growing in a messed up fashion? 
Surgery is to remove the obvious lump of cancer but it doesn't get rid of the stem cell that is producing the cancer, so isn't this like cutting blight off of a plant leaf and acting like the plant is free of the blight? 
Dr. Farid Fata's gave unnecessary treatments to 533 patients, how many of them were healthy people who simply gave into cancer industry fear mongering (that gets even the healthy to go in for cancer screenings)? There are a lot of incentives to prescribing pharmaceuticals and keeping diagnostic machines occupied, so how often is this happening in a country who has its population on more "legal drugs" then any country on this planet? Given the 5 year survival statistics, what percentage of cancer patients would've been much better off with their cancer left undiscovered?  
One of the first things a farmer does, if an area of his farm has problems is to do an analysis of the soil to check for deficiencies, (by doing this, he can restore this area back to health and bring it back up to par with the rest of his farm. Should I not check the soil around myself that might be feeding or shrinking the cancers that are attempting to develop. 

The soil is: air, water, food, exercise and activity, sunshine, rest and sleep, positive family, social and community connections as well as a strong faith in the Master Healer.     

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