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The Purpose of Individual Food Nutrients

The Purpose of Individual Food Nutrients


 It is very important to have a balanced diet that gives us the macro and micronutrients we need. This is what helps us keep our motor running smoothly!

 Protein: We need protein for strengthening and repairing our muscles and organs. When stressed out with a heavy workload, the stressed part(s) of our body goes through a temporary breakdown process. Our body takes protein and breaks it down into amino acids (or as I like to call it- muscle patch paint) and when it goes through this repair process it has then strengthened, toned or reinforced that particular stressed area of the body. Whether for bodybuilding, power lifting, sports or simply activities of daily living (ADL), protein is very necessary to sustain life!

 Fat: We need this for hormone production, and to lubricate our system. It is also a condensed energy that burns much steadier then sugar. Our brain is mostly made up of fat, and even though we tend to dislike it if we have too much of it on our body, it is a macronutrient that we very much need as a part of our diet and is very essential for life sustenance. 

 Carbohydrates and Sugars: These are good for quick energy. Complex carbs are better in that they breakdown slower into glucose, but if you need a faster source of energy, a more simple carb or something that has some sugar in it (usually most foods/drinks that taste sweet) can be okay for the times that you’re running on empty and need something fast. You see it’s when we don’t burn these sugars as they enter our blood and become available as energy, that blood sugar and obesity problems start. Our insulin has a duty to clear the blood of high glucose levels and will cart the unused sugars/glucose off to be store in our fat cells. And this is what makes our fat cells oft times have an appearance we don’t like. Fat cells are simply reserve holding tanks for energy, and it’s up to us how big we make them or how small we shrink them.

 Anti-Oxidants (vitamins and minerals): These are what help protect us from disease as well as keeping such things as fluids in balance. When we keep our blood rich in a variety of antioxidants it works like safety armor for our skin, eyes, muscle and vital organs. When we don’t have an adequate daily supply of these in our diet, it leaves us exposed to oxidation (rusting of our body), which we know as disease and premature aging. 

 Our best source for these is not some exotic berry from down in the Amazon that some network marketing company is trying to say is the next best thing, but simply the fruits and vegetables you can find at your local farmers market, roadside stand or can grow in your own back yard. The arrays of colors are nutrients and there are thousands of phytonutrients in a good variety of fruits and vegetables. These are the multi-vitamin and mineral packages designed for the people in the areas they are grown. 

 Remember; its not just about eating healthy foods, but also in eating a good variety of healthy foods from the above listed categories, so that our body can pick and pull the tools of nutrition that it needs and just like a good mechanic will do its best to keep your vehicle running smoothly.  

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