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Tummy Flattening Effect of Fiber

One of the fastest ways to flatten our abdominal area is to eat a fiber rich diet, and I'm not referring to a cereal loaded diet, (most cereals spike blood sugar) but rather a diet that has lots of raw vegetables, beans, oatmeal, nuts and fruit in it.

"Insoluble fiber is like a slow moving bulldozer to the waste inside our colon." When we have a daily diet rich in fiber, it works a lot like a street sweeper that keeps the street and gutters clear of debris.

 It's not unusual (with the typical American diet) for individuals to carry 5-20 pounds of waste in their colon and this can cause the abdominal area to protrude.

Clearing the colon is much more important initially then fat loss, because of the dangers associated with a colon that is filled with old toxic waste. The best way to deal with potential colon cancer, is a change of diet, along with regular activity and exercise (to stimulate bowel movements), "not a series of diagnostics, surgeries and chemotherapy!"

Example of why food sticks in our gut: we have a tendency to eat fries and bread buns with our meat instead of broccoli and beans like we used to 50-60 years ago. Have you ever noticed that after thousands of years, foods that were considered a staple in a person's diet "suddenly becomes prime suspect in digestive tract issues?" This is about as ignorant as blaming a highway for a traveler's flat tires instead of the nails that were on it.

One of the first steps for weight loss should be to clear the colon, (this helps clear the path for getting rid of toxins associated with weight loss). To do this, a good colon cleanse really helps kick things off. After this initial cleanse, a fiber rich diet will not only help keep the colon clear of old waste, but will help prevent colon cancer as well. 


Cleansing phase: for 7 days switch to a diet almost completely made up of raw or lightly steamed vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and oatmeal with some added fats, such as fish oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and for flushing toxins out. This cleansing phase can get a little tough, so you really want to keep it strong in your mind what it is you are doing this for. Keep some raw local grown honey around to use for an energy booster. Drinking cold water, can help boost energy levels and boost metabolism. Adding in a fiber supplement or a good detox program can boost results.


Maintenance phase: should be a diet with plenty of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans mixed in. These foods help move other foods in our diet along and help prevent build up. If you have gut health and bowel movement issues, I highly recommend using a fiber supplement and adding in enzymes. Try to eat foods that have 3-5 grams of fiber per serving, "this helps keep our blood sugar from spiking, helps lower cholesterol, and keeps us regular and our waistline trim!

"A diet rich in fiber helps prevent a buildup of waste in our waist!"   



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