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Understanding The Baby Language Of Our Parts

 Mathew 7:9~ Which of you, if your son ask for bread, will give him a stone instead?
Most adults at one point or the other have been around a baby or babies that were crying and probably got pretty desperate trying to figure out what it is that they wanted or what was bothering them. And probably quite often had the uncomfortable feeling of giving something or doing the wrong thing and the baby getting even more upset.
When we know our baby really well it can help prevent mistakes and help us have a much healthier happier child. After all why would we want to give our child medicine when it has an upset stomach because of the food he or she is eating? Why would we want to give them a pacifier when they are hungry or thirsty? Why would we want to give them pain medicine without first checking to make sure their environment is really comfortable for their tiny and tender bodies? And why would we give them a toy when what they really want is our attention?
Our body parts are much the same in what they want from us as well. They want us to figure out what they are trying to tell us, and are not wanting us to take a lazy shortcut to pacify them temporarily or worse yet take medicine that makes so we cannot feel their pain.
Most of our symptoms come from underlying pain that a body part or system is going through and when we take a medicine instead of making the appropriate lifestyle change(s) that our body part is asking for we are in turn asking for a fountain of medical health issues.
Example: if our knee is hurting really bad and we take pain medicine instead of putting on a knee wrap (to lighten the load), we are telling our knee to shut up and to just deal with whatever is hurting it. It's like putting a pair of earmuffs on and acting like your baby isn't crying, except it is still crying and since you are ignoring it, the problem is only going to get worse.
When we can get tuned in with our body and its parts, being able to track what is hurting it will become easier. Though the easy path of medicine (that addresses symptoms but does not change what is causing the symptoms) may be an easy path temporarily, it does not lead in a good direction. 
"Ask why, and ask it again five more times, until all of the artifice is stripped away and you end up with the intellectually honest answer." ~ Andy Grove 
 "Listening to your body and what it is trying to tell you is important, after all if you do not listen to your body who else will? You are the parent of your body parts."

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