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We Weigh Too Much Because We...


Quite simply, the reason Americans on average weigh too much, is because we eat way too much! It's no telling how many billions of tons of food calories  Americans have stored up in the form of body fat. A period of famine certainly wouldn't kill nearly as many people in America as it would in some other countries and according to research (on caloric restriction), just might extend life. As responsible individuals and good stewards of the world we live in, "we really should become more need driven and a lot less pleasure driven with our fuel intake." This would take a huge burden off our food and our healthcare systems. 


There are many reasons we excuse weight gain, whether it's a slowing of metabolism, thyroid problems, or not having access to the right foods. For the most part however, our weight problems simply come from over consumption of easy to digest calories and too little activity to burn them off. 


When we constantly take in foods that are low in fiber (most processed snack foods, breads, pastas and other primarily starch foods) it keeps our glucose/ blood sugar levels and insulin in our blood too high and this shuts off our capability to burn body fat. 


 When we have excess body fat and we have a low activity day ahead of us, it does not hurt us at all, to sometimes simply skip eating for 18-24 hours. Many people that know me, know that I like to do the intermittent fasting (IF) or very low calories on my non-workout days. I figure this is a good day for me to skip eating, (since my calorie needs are much less). This causes my body to pull the calories it needs from stored fat. I've gotten to where I enjoy this way of keeping my bodyweight under control and once I get past the sugar low (around 12:00 pm for me), it's really not that bad.


We often think we have to have sugar when our energy runs low, but we need to do is wait a little longer to let the circulating insulin drop, then our body will  start releasing its stored energy. And you can definitely trust the fact that your body knows how to access calories from its own snack machine (stored fat) when it isn't getting calories from our digestive tract!  


How food ages us:

food is something we need to sustain life, but it also has a direct impact on aging and when we have a constant over consumption of food, we simply age our body faster. Our digestive processes produce free radicals and free radicals produce oxidation. Oxidation is a root cause of pre-mature aging and chronic disease, and this excess oxidation is sorta like the smoke that doesn't get expelled from a factory that is processing more then it should. In much the same way, when we constantly eat more then our body needs to be processing, we'll simply age faster.  


One of the best things we can do for weight loss, (or avoiding weight gain) is to watch our sugar and starch intake when we are going to be fairly inactive. When we have this excess sugar in our blood, insulin will be produced to remove the excess. The insulin does not burn the excess sugar, "it stores it." And until the insulin has done its job and leaves the blood, our fat burning mechanisms get turned off! This doesn't apply so much to eating sugars prior to really being active, or right after a lot of activity, (these are the times your body will suck it up for energy). So to keep your body in fat burn mode, lowering your intake of sugars and starches during low output time periods and increasing it when there is high energy output.


The fat burning fire is lot like a bonfire, "the right amount of fuel will keep it blazing, but if you dump too much on it, the flame will be smothered and it will take it a while to fire back up!"  



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