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What Your Heart Is Hungry For...

What Your Heart Is Hungry For...
By: Wade Yoder
 Keeping ourselves surrounded with heart healthy foods for our meals and snacks can be a great defense in not only warding off heart disease, but can help us create a highly energized environment for our heart and vascular system as well! These healthy foods help dissolve the the stuff that sticks to the injured pipes of our vascular system.
Cholesterol has been considered the bad guy for our heart and artery systems for years, but now we're discovering that our body just may be using it for healing and protecting arteries and other blood vessels that are hurting from a high sugar diet, (I like to call this scabbing of the blood vessels). Inflammation seems to be the reason now, but something is causing the inflammation. Cutting sugar (especially refined sugar and starches from processed food) can help us soothe the linings of our arteries and blood vessels, giving them a good reason to start dissolving  this protective layer of cholesterol and plaque. And besides this, sugar spikes cause fatty deposits and lower our immune system for 4-6 hours.  
Cholesterol: is a vital nutrient to the several trillions cells of our body, so we also shouldn't be surprised that our body likes saturated fats to make this cholesterol from, after all it's the form of fat in real foods like eggs, meat, nuts, avocados, coconuts. 
There is a list of foods, spices etc that have risen to the top that appear to have a positive impact on our heart and its systems. 
As a disclaimer: these are simply the ones I would want to use for strengthening my heart, for better blood circulation and to protect myself from cardiovascular disease. 
Pomegranate: for reduction of atherosclerosis/plaque, and to stimulate production of nitric oxide which helps with healthy blood flow. 
Kale: for prevention of atherosclerosis/plaque.
Avocado: for lowering LDL cholesterol and increase HDL cholesterol. 
 Whole grains and beans: for helping lower cholesterol through the removal of bile in digestion. 
Healthy fats: from olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, fish and unprocessed dairy (for building the cells of our blood and blood vessels). 
Persimmons: lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. 
Oranges: for reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol, antioxidants to improve blood vessel function, and prevention of heart failure. I like oranges in their fruit form much more then the processed juice (those usually have way too much sugar and not enough fiber to compensate). 
Cranberries: for reducing overall risk of heart disease. 
Dark Colored Berries: for Resveratrol and its cardio friendly antioxidant effect.
Red wine or Dark Beer: for the polyphenols to help keep blood vessels flexible and to reduce clotting.
Cheese, and Butter: from grass fed dairy (for inhibiting atherosclerosis, reducing levels of circulating blood fats and to normalize impaired glucose uptake). 
Watermelon, Spinach, Lentils, Dark Chocolate and Apple Cider Vinegar: for lowering blood pressure. 
Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids: for lowering triglycerides and increasing HDL. 
Red vegetables and fruits: for lowering risk of stroke, prevention of blood clots and for improving blood circulation. 
Cayenne Pepper: for rapidly equalizing blood pressure in the arterial and venous system - it warms the body - dilates blood vessels -increases circulation and blood flow to all major organs which facilitates oxygen and nutrient delivery. 
Green Tea: for lowering cholesterol, maintaining healthy circulation, promotes healthy teeth and gums as well as for overall heart health.
Garlic: for inhibiting and decreasing atherosclerosis/ plaque in the arteries. 
Cinnamon: for helping to reduce blood fats and plaque build up by helping control blood glucose levels. Also for its anti-inflammatory benefits that I feel would extend to the blood vessel walls).
Arginine: as a supplement (for dilating and relaxing blood, improved circulation through nitric oxide production.
CoQ-10: as a supplement has shown effectiveness in published research for helping with blood pressure, statin therapy side effects and in helping increase heart pumping capacity and to reduce disease severity that leads to congestive heart failure.  
Mediterranean Diet: is the diet I would want to be on if I was diagnosed with heart disease.
Positive emotions, exercise and staying stress free are also great medicine for the heart! 
 Live a heart friendly lifestyle, not only to prevent heart disease, but to live your life pumped with strength, vitality and endurance from a heart that has been energized!


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