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You cannot out Exercise a Bad Diet!

You cannot out Exercise a Bad Diet!


 About 70% of our physical shape depends on what we consume. Its easy to plan to hit the exercise routine a little harder the next day, and get back on a diet the following week, (when we’re full of food), but unless we lower our caloric intake the next few meals or the next day, we simply burn the current day’s calories that we consume. These excess calories we took in the day before will be turned into stored energy and this is what inflates our fat cells. 

 We can very easily create a calorie deficit for the current day, especially if we know we over did it the night before, by simply not eating for a while the next day, or by eating very little. I like to do an intermittent fast (IF) about once a week after having a good splurge meal the evening before. I do this by going for about 18-24 hours before I eat again, (sometimes I’ll have a protein shake or something very light).

 When eating less, you will usually feel tired and when your body is fixing to shift energy pathways, (you may feel a little weak). However once your insulin level is lowered in your blood from not having to be there for delivery of food nutrients (especially sugars), your body can then trigger the release of energy from your fat cells. Before this triggers the release of fat for energy, insulin in you blood, has to be low, (this means stay away from sugars and starches). 

 This is the way to lower the amount of energy substance inside our fat cells, and this is what we know as burning fat for energy! Burning the energy inside our fat cells is like letting the air out of a lot of balloons and being able to fit the shrunk up balloons back into a little box. What makes fat cells get big is the amount of energy we ourselves decide to keep stored in them. 

 Most of us don’t want a lot of extra body fat, but the thing to keep in mind, its simply stored energy that we need to figure out how to release. Sugary foods, drinks, and foods that can convert to sugar rapidly are the BIG culprits in not only causing weight gain, but also in preventing the fat cells from releasing their energy! 

 Eating the right foods and controlled portion sizes so as to stimulate your body’s natural fat burn process between meals and toning your muscles, (all over your body), will turn your body into a natural fat and calorie burning machine!

Take away: Sugar (enough to cause a blood sugar spike) is not only bad for your health; it also turns off the fat burning process in your body.    

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