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Your Child, Your Living Legacy

 One of the best legacies we can leave here on earth is a son or daughter, and teaching them (the basics of health and nutrition can build their defenses in a world filled with bacterias, germs, toxins, radiation and stress), is one of the best things we as parents can do for them. 
September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and instead of invoking fear in us, (to do a barrage of diagnostics, fundraising for the cure etc) we should calm down and simply concentrate on implementing healthy habits in our children's lives that will strengthen their armor and help protect them from cancer and other diseases throughout their lives naturally.
Cancer is the second leading cause of death and as the medical community advances on heart disease (the number one cause of death) it may wind up becoming the leading cause of death for younger generations, "if we do not change our approach and embrace the basic health principles that their bodies recognize as the cure." The 3 main strategies implemented by the cancer industry to date are pretty barbaric in their approach.
Cancer is a genetical disease (meaning it happens in the genes). This doesn't mean that it is inherited, but rather that it happens in the DNA of our cells. When we expose our cells to environmental toxins, food toxins, radiation, chemotherapy, (and if our body cannot properly cleanse itself of these carcinogens and free radicals), it can have a corroding effect on the DNA of our cells. And since cells reproduce more cells the cells with corroded or corrupted DNA can produce weird shaped and misbehaving cells that we later recognized as cancer.
Example: a kitchen for a busy restaurant produces a massive amount of food. The recipes for this food come from a cookbook with many other recipes, (each one with its own special instructions for making the food). When the cook follows the exact recipe and process, the food will turn out the same every time a new batch of food is made, but what happens if he gets careless with the treatment of the cookbook, and the recipes get smeared and he is unable to properly transcribe (translate) the recipe for the new batches of food? The new batches of food can have a really funky turnout. Our children's cells are made in much the same way and when the recipe for the next generation of cells is not clear, it can produce weird shaped cells that (if not stopped by the body) can develop into an odd shaped lump that we later diagnose as cancer.
If a cell's DNA is messed up beyond repair there are mechanisms in place that cause these cells to commit suicide. After the cells die they become a waste product that the body can get rid of, "this literally means that our body can clean up and dispose of cancer as we go." 
Our responsibility as parents should be to put a protective screen around our children, by the lifestyle we show and teach them. One of the best insurance policies that we can leave with them, are the good habits that have shaped who they are and who they will become. 
Anti Cancer War Chest for children: 1. fresh clean air 2. water 3. balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables 4. lots of upbeat activities and exercise 5. sunshine 6. deep rest. 7. positive environment. 8. consistency.
May God bless your legacy with a lifetime of health!

Cell by cell we build their future

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